Alex Festival to future of space station ISS secure.

Alexander Gerst is a phenomenon, he proved that once again. There he chatted in impeccable English, all correctable. And remained just Alex. One which stands out, but not a bit lifted comes across. Most of the data he collected in his experiments in the last half year, would have to be evaluated yet, said Gallion, who only last week by the international space station returned was. I’m curious what comes out. Therefore such a Conference as now in Cologne can’t hurt sure. Leading physicians, physicists, cell biologists and molecular scientists assured time and again on the new ISS experiments in weightlessness for its research branch, and thus at the end also for normal earthlings are as important. The experiments in the space served the purpose of improving life on earth also Gerst pointed out. Only in very few places, individual speaker betrayed ever slight irritation in that the public wants to see always the practical benefits that just as no longer suffice to say: we are astronauts – we explore the far reaches of the universe and solve the big questions of humanity, give us money! It was DLR Chief Jan Wörner, who told an anecdote about Michael Faraday (1791-1867) in this context, the leading pioneer in the development of the electric power. As the British Prime Minister visited Faraday’s workshops and this then presented him its generators for the generation of electricity, the politician asked only: and why should that be good? Also, Wörner, Reiter, Gerst & co feel wonder what will ultimately bring the exploration of the universe. .

Car purchase: I have what rights, if the new vehicle has defects?

In principle the so-called reversal of burden of proof in the case of liability for material defects. This means: the seller must in the first six months after the purchase of the new car provide evidence that the or the defects at the time of the sale still have not passed. After the expiry of this period, is the buyer of the duty and must prove that the defect already existed at the handover of the car. Such evidence is often difficult to provide in both cases. Should so if defects are detected after the purchase of your new car, let unnecessary elapse and act immediately. You should encourage the so-called rectification, so the free remedy of the defect or the delivery of a defect-free new car from the seller. The buyer is free to what opportunity he would like to take advantage, however, the seller may refuse a new delivery if the resulting loss is inappropriate it. Should be the lack of for example in a loose door panel or a paint scraper, a new delivery would be disproportionate. Make your claims best in writing. The ADAC provides a sample form for download (here). You should either send this letter by registered mail with acknowledgement of receipt or by fax, to obtain appropriate evidence of the receipt by the seller. Those who would like to formulate a letter, remember, to set a reasonable time limit the seller for repair or replacement. A period of about two weeks is generally considered as appropriate. The seller which allow the deadline to elapse in the letter or the lack of can are not fixed, it is possible, either demand a reduction of the purchase price or to withdraw from the contract. The latter requires the existence of a significant defect however (read more about the withdrawal from the sales contract in this Advisor text). The seller fault lack of can be detected, for example a fraudulent misrepresentation, do you also assert claims for damages. In such a case, you should seek legal advice. .

A premium of activity will replace the premium for employment and the RSA activity.

The "activity premium". This is the name of the new born of the merger between the employment (PPE) bonus and the RSA activity. Announced in late August, as a result of the censorship by the Constitutional Council of the contribution of the poorest workers fall, this premium is intended to replace the two devices expected to financially more advantageous the resumption of employment but considered ineffective. It will enter into force on January 1, 2016. Its cost is neighbour of the previously dedicated to the EPP and the RSA activity amounts, or slightly less than EUR 4 billion a year, according to Matignon. Novelty: Unlike the RSA activity, which was reserved for the more than 25 years (or less than 25 years with a dependent child), the "activity bonus" will benefit less than 25 years, although the amount may vary for youth, said Matignon. To get the monthly payment, recipients must earn approximately 1.2 times the Smic, i.e. 1800 euros per month. The household income must not exceed a certain threshold. This is not yet known as detailed provisions for the new premium must still be discussed with parliamentarians, the social partners and associations of insertion, among others. A law will be then adopted by end 2015 to implement the measure. Prior to this, the premium of activity will be presented by Manuel Valls this Thursday at the Council of Ministers. "Expected in a greater incentive to resume a job," explained Fran̤ois Rebsamen. Matignon hope furthermore that the "activity bonus" will support a number of low-paid workers who do not benefit from the removal of the first instalment of the income tax because they do not pay tax. "It is very complementary and it allows not to deviate the purchasing power of households that are non-taxable," said on the Government. For the entourage of the Prime Minister, the urgency was to correct the weaknesses of the EPP and the RSA activity. The employment bonus, tax established in 2001 under Lionel Jospin, credit has indeed two defects: a staggered payment of one year and an "insufficient" targeting resulting in a "dusting" of public expenditure, as noted in 2013 the MP PS Christophe Sirugue report. Last year, 5.3 million households have benefited from including "people belonging to wealthy households", stresses on at Matignon. For its part, the RSA activity Рnot to be confused with the RSA base, replacing the RMI and lone parents for people without resources Рallowance does not reach its objectives. Established in 2009, this addition to small salaries suffers from its complexity. More than two-thirds of eligible persons do not require it. In addition, "the RSA is enough branding. Many hesitate to call", stressed Fran̤ois Rebsamen, Minister of labour, micro France Inter. Today, 530. 000 people are receiving. The RSA is also part of the benefits the more subject to fraud detected by the (CAF) family allowance funds. .

The disease, between imaginary social and made policy.

History will certainly confirm that it is the American experience of AIDS that has shaped the first reflexes, the first performances of the epidemic and the first private and public initiatives. You can start drawing the outline of our reaction to this new epidemic and formalize it through two changes of paradigms, one more about the epidemic, the other more HIV disease. It is this return of the paradigms I want to here undertake in order to understand the place of legal responses in the social management of the control of the epidemic. When this new epidemic is identified in 1981 among a few homosexuals Los Angeles and then in New York by the Centers for Disease Control in Atlanta, the United States come through two decades of progress in civil rights. An important aspect of this movement is the legal construction of the notion of privacy through lawsuits concerning the reports of sex, divorce, reproductive. In this story, landmark for historians of the famous case of Griswold versus Connecticut law [2] where the Court dismissed in 1965 the State of Connecticut of its lawsuit against a married woman who resorted to illegal contraception in that State. The supreme court held that the State was not to interfere in the life of this couple. It was only the home which was a sanctuary against the State, but the intimate relations which became its intervention limits. This was the context where a sexually transmissible and marked epidemic initially to gays was described. Control of infectious diseases and sexually transmitted diseases Рif it fell into disuse with the diffusion of antibiotics after World War II and the emergence of degenerative diseases Рis nevertheless defined in codes of public health by a repertoire of regulations, constraints and routines that can characterize by these few lines: also the will of the first activists mobilized by AIDS was not only solidarityprevention but equally the will out of this paradigm of traditional management of outbreaks by placing at the centre of the battle the defence of private life. What characterizes the new paradigm that responds to this epidemic is its exceptionality compared to the traditional repertoire of measures. Certainly, some believed be able to miniaturize measures obligation, control and encroachment on privacy technology testing. In each country, the history of the HIV antibody screening is the story and the illustration of the clash between the two paradigms of social management of the epidemic. Putting at the centre the defence of privacy and free consent, the new paradigm is based on the cooperation of persons living with or vulnerable, on their education by social marketing and thus there are at the heart of our societies to this epidemic response a conflict between the old paradigm of control and constraints on the individual who favours the defence of society and the new paradigm that is based on a respect for the individuala defense of liberalism and of human rights, wholesale values of the West today. Of course, this new paradigm not stood by a recomposition of the expert group that defined the previous model of social of the epidemic, including by the mobilization of the people, through their impact on opinion, through the mobilization of a fraction of the medical profession and a fraction of the body politic. The paradigm shift is that the Act technically and biologically that is routine screening is more himself in the center of the public health system. Recent developments in our societies, our new modes of recourse to the law, the evolution of our relationship with the health and evolution of the pathologies themselves made to traditional sanitary regulations lose their evidence for the protection of public health to appear more than as forms of legal discrimination, and sometimes nonsense in terms of public health and health economics. It is gradually out of hygiene who ruled of the 19th century to the 1940s and who inspired the monstrosities of racial hygiene. It is at the Congr̬s de Montr̩al, in 1989, that Samuel Broder said: AIDS is a chronic disease and cancer is a suitable analogue to think his therapy. The model of a sudden infectious disease evoking death in the short term, we spent than a pathology going more and more named pathology HIV, that one stopped chanting by a long latency and clinical stages. _ [1] health, truth of the body. G in Canguilhem Marie Agn̬s Bernardis, man and health. Paris, Seuil, 1992. [2] Ronald Bayer, Private Acts, Social Consequences, New York, The Free Press, 1989. [3] Larry Gostin, The future of communicable disease control: toward a new concept in public health law, The Milbank Quarterly, vol. 64, 1986, pp. 79-96. .

Japan: Government defends what opponents call a costly election of convenience.

Summon voters to the polls is a constitutional right of the Prime Minister and it is natural to use it, defended Wednesday the Japanese Government against critics who denounce a costly election of convenience. Shinzo Abe chose Tuesday to postpone to April 2017 a tax originally scheduled in October increase and decided in the wake of dissolve Friday the lower House of Parliament to ask citizens about its action. Any decision relating to the tax system has a strong influence on people’s lives and must therefore be validated by voters, defended Mr. Abe at a press conference. The dissolution of the lower House is the prerogative of the Prime Minister, enshrined in the Constitution and it is natural that the head of the Government asking the population, said Wednesday the spokesman of the Government, Yoshihide Suga, at his morning press briefing. However, number of politicians and columnists, including its own camp, saw more malice than justice. It comes to the election of Shinzo Abe, by Shinzo Abe, Shinzo Abe, said a member of the right-wing majority cited in the centre-left daily Mainichi. Elections without reason is the expression that comes up most often accompanied by the amount (60 billion yen, more than 400 million euros) that will cost the taxpayer the throw-in of 480 seats. After all, the amendment of the law to postpone to April 2017 instead of October 2015 the second rise in VAT would easily pass in Parliament and it would be finished, not need to dissolve, denounced the Asahi Shimbun daily centre-left. He concluded that the dissolution is real reason a rescheduling of the political calendar to allow Mr. Abe will retain and advance political issues that concern most (on defense including). Political scientists also stress that the conservative Abe beautiful game of make believe this zeal democratic while the opposition is speechless, crumbled, unpopular. Has not much to lose, otherwise some seats, and no one strong enough to contest or replace neither the opposition nor even within his own group, though even there exist divisions, said Robert Dujarric, Director of Asian studies at Temple University. The latest polls show that the Liberal Democratic Party (LDP) Shinzo Abe has the support of 36.6% of the population, when his main opponent, the Democratic Party of Japan (DPJ, centre-left), collects only 7.9%. .

Trial to a mother.

Blanca Portillo him goes the text of peculiar way and she never hab to opted for the mon logos (I don’t like working alone on stage), hug ‘ the testament of sea to ‘ as a new religion n. To make a mon logo ten to seduce me from the first minute, secures, and has no qualms about confessing his love for a text that is all beauty; an unsuspected beauty. It is very powerful, because it does not have a history, but lives it again, explains Portillo. And is that funci n has been designed Villaronga est organised as sequences and conflicts in each of them, in a manner very cinematogr fica and, at the same time, very theatrical; passing in flashback, of the present to the past. Sea to does not speak of God, nor of Jes s by name, but his son and conflicts, as a mother, she has a presentiment. Analyzes his life along the a you and wondered is what has gone wrong so your child ends up dying crucified. The trial, however, is not radical: regrets things, and others doesn’t regret at all, says the actress. The mother of Jes s of Nazareth is a character blurred in the Gospels, which speaks of her collateral form. It is not known what he thought or what cre, because, like many, is dec to all the things she kept them in her heart n, which was as much as say nothing. Therefore, believers may not feel offended by this version of Colm T n n ib, who offers not ning n type of information privileged n but the recreaci n fictional thoughts of a mother, who well may be one mother either. Could perfectly be a current mother; the mother of any young man who decides to give one’s life for his ideas, suggested Portillo. Away from the V margins of doctrine cat lica, this sea to ensures than that of son of God,. his son was the son of her husband, qui n If not. I conmovi who is the mother of mothers; a woman of flesh and bone, and that for m makes m s grande and spiritual, says Portillo being set down on the figure of her grandmother, the mother of his mother, for this role: was a tremendous fighter woman until the last d of his life. My House is a Matriarchy, certainly, and my grandmother was a woman who I pod to catch very well to make sea to. .

The budget 2015 adopted by a narrow majority in the National Assembly.

POLICY – It takes almost the same and we start again. As the revenue component which had been shunned by the Socialist slingers and environmentalists, Finance Bill 2015 (PLF) was adopted by a narrow majority this Tuesday, November 18 at the National Assembly. The Socialist Party, it grazed the diplomatic crisis with two elected, Mrs Chantal Berthelot and Fanny Dombre-Coste, who actually voted against the budget. Which, symbolically, them would be located on the side of the opposition. But both argued the mistake of voting and ensure wanting to vote for. I welcome this vote, the Secretary of State for the Budget Christian Eckert said that person has made guerrilla, neither the right nor the slingers and that the Government did not need weapons of the Constitution. This result is a non-event, insurance that it will always, even though every time we try to reduce the gap between the for and the PS abstentions, was commented in the entourage of Manuel Valls. .

The school and the words to every type of love.

Is there really an explicit ‘ will educate the boys to overcome sexual difference», as reiterated on Sunday the Archbishop of Milan, Angelo Scola retracing controversies that were triggered in the days before when it was discovered that the Ambrosian diocese school Office had addressed to teachers of religion a letter inviting them to notify the schools involved in the spread of the ideology of gender "?Let’s go back briefly on the facts. Don Rota, head of the Diocese of Milan, had addressed to teachers of religion a letter in which, speaking of "an extensive campaign to delegitimize the sexual difference stating an idea of freedom that enables you to choose either their gender and their sexual orientation," asked them to point out the guilty schools to spread the ideology of gender ". Faced with protests by some teachers for the publication of the letter, and the controversies that had immediately unleashed, the milanese Curia had later admitted to have used "inappropriate words», inspired by the logic of network and database. No excuse, though, about the contents of the letter. Indeed, as the cardinal Scola called to explain what happened, "no backtrack on concerns that we have about a certain way to educate the overcoming of sexual difference. But what are we talking about exactly? Who educherebbe to the passing of the sexual difference? Who would explain to the kids that everyone is free to choose their own gender identity and sexual orientation?The issue of gender identity and sexual orientation is extremely complex. Not only because, despite some misconceptions, there is no connection between gender identity and sexual orientation, but also because the so-called "gender theory", in fact, does not exist: there are a variety of positions that are the source, mainly in the academic, research and studies. On the one hand, there is a universalism that defends equality between men and women by focusing on the deconstruction of gender stereotypes and "rationality" as universal properties. On the other hand, there is the differentialism that, rather than focus on the universality of reason, tends to enhance the sexual differences. On the other hand again, there are queer positions trying to get out of the binary logic man/woman, exactly as heterosexuality/homosexuality from the opposition, to avoid any kind of hierarchization. But these, of course, are academic debates that there are little or nothing with the lessons aimed at young people in schools, and aiming at not only to teach tolerance, but also and above all to combat gender-based violence, homophobia and bullying. To say that a guy can be attracted to another boy or a girl can love another girl doesn’t mean instigating to homosexuality, but simply explain that homosexuality is not a deviance, it’s just a different sexual orientation. Why the school should not address the issue of sexual stereotypes and should not help the pupils understand that sex doesn’t determines the kind and that the genus does not automatically imply a particular sexual orientation? It is not the task of the school help the younger ones to find the right words to name things, without thinking that there is a single model to follow or be heterosexual is a fault? Too bad, as too often the record-and the last episode of that teacher of Perugia which affects a pupil after telling him that "being gay is a bad disease»-are sometimes just the professors to foment confusion and intolerance!Twitter: @MichelaMarzano.

Top-Geiger Tetzlaff: A quantum swing for Shostakovich.

What in the first Concerto op. 77 dark and menacing with a Nocturne begins, ALZA on the lively Scherzo and a massive Passacaglia (a 13-minute third set) to just those burlesque as a crowning conclusion that his critics wanted to say: look, whatever you I want, you will get it. But in my own way. With music everything to say, also on most diplomatic manner, that perfectly mastered Shostakovich. In the spirit of Kant: I can because I want what I have. Christian Tetzlaff, born 1966 in Hamburg, a wide repertoire from the Baroque period has to the avant-garde, which made him one of the virtuosos of the main European and American concert halls. Together with the congenial pianist Leif Ove Andsnes and his sister, violist Tanja Tetzlaff, he plays much chamber music and teaches regularly highly talented young musicians at the Kronberg Academy in the Taunus. The combination of Finland and Shostakovich was obvious, because the composer began work on the first violin concerto in Repino on the Gulf of Finland, near St. Petersburg. Incorporated a bit of both worlds, so that the choice of the Helsinki Philharmonic Orchestra appeared attractive. The conductor of John Storgårds considered connoisseur and promoter of the music of the 20th century, began his musical career as a violinist, and has performed with many top international orchestras. His violinistic background may have been also an indication of the successful cooperation with Christian Tetzlaff. .

“There’s a lack of information at the level of post-BAC orientation which amazes me”.

"I have not come to the salon to target particular schools, but rather to discover how to access to preparatory classes", says Romeo, 17 years old, student of Terminal S at the Lycée Blaise Pascal. He is accompanied by his parents and his sister looking rather "on the side of Science and business schools". He went on the stands of the mining school and Arts and crafts. According to him, "aid to orientation are many", but in high schools, "they are not well done. The questionnaires submitted to us do not really inform. Here, it is more interesting, but the ideal is to have someone in his entourage who knows and who advises us. My parents come from academia and know how to work the competition. They have recommended the schools rated. But I don’t want to have the same path as them. I am interested to research, optics, renewable energy. While my mother is in the materials research and my father in the aerospace industry. It is true that I have a family environment that predisposes me to science than literature! » «Journalism, is what I want to do since I was eight years old. I love search, look for the information where it is hiding", says Juliette, 17 years, which stipulates completing his internship for observation of 3e,. in the world. FR, and keep a good souvenir. This student of Terminal ES at the Lycée Claude Monet in Paris, has just arrived at the booth of the Graduate School of journalism (ESJ) of Lille, and wished to know the requirements and the necessary elements for the composition of his file. As this school and many others in the same sector recruit on competition to the license level, should be considered a first orientation: "first I went to see a prepa deprived of political science, which is the other area that interests me,. but truth be told, I’m a little lost. The atmosphere of the prepas, bachoter to point of time, I do not see the interest. On the other side, the fac I do not either.  "The young woman, who aspires to become a political journalist, feels trapped a stalemate:"there is a lack of information at the level of orientation postbac which amazes me. There is either the FCC or an exam, and those who want neither one nor the other are left aside. As if there were no alternative. She came to the salon trying to forge his own way by fetching itself, stand in booth, information at the source. Already journalistic, in short. Iriles: "when it arrives at the Terminal, you have more time to do our research and select our schools’ Age of 17 and student of 1st S, Iriles preferred to take the lead:"when it arrives at the Terminal, you have more time to do our research and select our schools. " Come to the Lycée Pierre de Coubertin in Meaux (Seine-et-Marne), it has clear ideas and a specific goal: "make an engineering school specialised in robotics, medicine and biomechanics.  "Iriles would like to work on the future of prostheses for members, eyes and bodies, controlled"by information from the nerves. "or muscle contractions, which can replace lost members or even to improve the functions of the body To get there, the young man aims a particular school: UTC, at Compiègne. ‘But it is not present today’, he complained. Then, it also looks on the side of the more generalist engineering schools. "I have a clear vision, but you need to know to be flexible. I will always be able to change direction, I still have time! », he smiles. Victor, 17 years old, student of Terminal S at the Lycée Pierre de Coubertin of Meaux, ‘research rather a school General Engineering, with specialization in aerospace or chemistry, the areas that interest me the most’. It is a little disappointed to see that the schools of computer science are most represented, but appreciate what kind of salon because "can ask questions of students, retrieve quite general information and inquire about open houses. I planned to go to a certain number of them, to clarify my desires and my folder.  » Alexandra, 1st student S, did an hour and a half’s drive to come from Villiers-Saint-Frédéric, in the Yvelines. His sister Emilie accompanies him. At the age of 24, she has a bac + 4 and just advise his little sister, but also to learn about a master’s degree in agri-food. "Salons are convenient for province’s youth because the schools meet all in one place, which facilitates our research. There are rich students from their studies, who can share their experience and give us some info more concrete than what you can glean on the internet.  She would like to do an engineering school, "because there are more opportunities". But what interests him since childhood, it is architecture, while ‘ the field of nano-technology [l]‘intrigue as much. ”  "It also appreciates the salons because they"allow courses to which it had not thought to reveal. " University Paris Diderot and the ESME caught his attention. It shows his bag full of brochures for schools: "We have recovered a wealth of info to sort and make our choice quietly once back at home". Both plan to attend the open days to refine their choices. Lounge of the great schools of the ‘world’ (SAGE), till Sunday, November 16, 2014, in Paris, to help pupils and students to move, from the 1st to Bac + 2. Free entrance. Preregistration and information on the site web http://www. Salon grandes écoles. com / and on his Facebook page. .