Don’t cry for me Argentina.

July 29th, 2014

Missing a little over 24 hours to possible according to Argentina’s default in just 14 years and the situation is becoming more complicated. A bitter lesson for those who preached the need for a default as a shortcut back to grow. Countdown for Argentina, which at the stroke of 31 July could fall back to default, the second after that of 2001, which caused a chock by 100 billion dollars schiantando the economy of Buenos Aires and ben were also nearly half a million Italian savers who, enticed by high rates offered by "tango bond" remained at the end with the hand (in cerino Exchange "take it or leave it" of 2005, reopened under the same conditions in 2010, was downed on average 70% of the nominal value of debt, although the extent of the haircut for individual investors is depended on by the various securities ended up in default and by several titles "to Exchange" received). The because I already tried to explain but as the days pass and the meetings between the representatives of Argentina and the bondholder who have not accepted the Exchange and for years asking to be fully refunded (mostly hedge funds Use, but among those who are waiting to see how it will end there are also about 50 thousand Italian investors) it is better to take stock of the situation with the latest emerged. Firstly, as a colourful reconstruction of the New York Times, Judge Thomas Poole Griesa (federal judge for the past 42 years) seems not to have understood the scope of its jurisdiction. Initially said it would force Argentina to fulfill "its obligations" (i.e. fully repay the debt), adding however that they do not want to cause a new default. For this after having issued a binding order with asking to Argentina to repay the bond ended up in default on interest payments for the first semiannualità (i.e. at the end of June) on bond "swapped", at the same time forbidding to American banks to facilitate in any way such payment in the absence of the above refund, seems to have understood that he had created a legal monster. Why is soon told. First, in the agreements of 2005 and 2010 the Argentina had inserted the clause "pari passu", which included the same identical treatment for all the bondholder; in essence if any bondholder who hadn’t joined the offer for any reason had been repaid afterwards, the conditions under which he could RIP should be applied to everyone, even to those who had accepted the share exchange. Which, ex post, you can tell it was a risky stretch of Buenos Aires (i.e. a "bluff", successful or not will be based on how the story will end in progress) to believe investors around the world that there would have been no convenience to postpone further the acceptance of this agreement. So now repay in full American funds (and/or Italian savers, or British, or even the Japanese, who did not accept the share exchange) would frustrate the "haircut" and having to repay in full, 13 years after the default, the entire debt. What evidently impossible because, although it might settle in full the recent bond default not exchanged, given they are worth just 4 billion (of which 1.3 billion in portfolios of u.s. hedge funds who have promoted the cause), to Argentina would not the reserves of its Central Bank to repay in full all its old debt. But the troubles do not end there: Griesa seems failing to take into account that not all Argentine bonds were issued in US dollars and based on American law (which is the type of bond which definitely has the Court jurisdiction). So much so that when the Argentine subsidiary of Citigroup (which acts as a trustee for bonds issued under the law argentina, whether they are denominated in US dollar and peso) asked him what needed to be done, the judge initially granted exemption from his order and the payment of interest on bond "swapped", something that had been expressly forbidden to Bank of New York Mellon (trustee for bonds issued by u.s. law) and other banks operating in the United States. Then, unexpectedly, the Court gave reason to hedge funds ‘ legal Americans, who were noted as not just an exception that was granted, since about a quarter of all new bond "exchanged" issued by Buenos Aires and then, if confirmed, would have greatly reduced the bargaining power of the funds themselves in front of Argentine representatives. Banks, confused by these constant changes of opinion for now held the money that Buenos Aires had regularly sent to proceed to the payment of interest, the bondholder who accepted the titles "traded" are black get mailbombed by numerous angry because they have not seen any penny of interest despite being almost completely expired last month granted as "grace period" to proceed to the payment of the coupons and avoid default, the funds (and 50 thousand investors, besides a few thousands of the rest of the world) that have brought into question the Argentina hope to bring home anything but fear too, at this point, that Buenos Aires prefers to fail again, the Usa, and ordering banks to continue paying interest on bond "exchanged" in the rest of the world. The banks themselves no longer know if they defy the judge Grisa or the Government of Buenos Aires (which could force them to pay, at least in Argentina as well as in countries like France who said to support the position of Buenos Aires). Conclusion: things are never as simple as they seem, but in the case of Argentina (especially after the rebuttal provided only two years ago from Greece) one thing should be clear, that the default, whether or not they are driven, are never easy to manage processes. Produce huge kickbacks on the economy of the country falling into default as well as into the pockets of investors that unwary or greedy, had subscribed to the bond issue. Open legal disputes drag on for years. Threaten to derail any economic recovery later that same defaults he should in principle entirely theoretical, stimulate after "appropriate" period of tears and blood for the taxpayers of the State failed. Hoping that the story has a happy ending, which for now can not (indeed the Cds, or credit default swaps, that indicate the risk of bankruptcy of an issuer, are at the top of the last 6 months) but that may come at the last minute with the renunciation on the part of hedge funds to bring down the most challenge, the world probably won’t even notice the latest tragedy argentina. The Argentines on the contrary are noticing your skin in the coming months/quarters. And in Italy someone (I know: the premier Matteo Renzi and his Minister of economy and finance, Pier Carlo Padoan?) should start stop wasting time to pursue reforms "institutional" incomprehensible to most people (and uncertain impact on the economy of the country) and find ways to restart growth and defuse the time bomb represented by a public debt that exceeded 2 share. 166 billion and growing at a rate more than triple that of GDP which relies solely on exports to try not to lose more ground. . 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Reforms: M5s brings in Parliament against Renzi. Skip the meeting between the premier and Berlusconi.

July 28th, 2014

Deputies and Senators of the M5S in Street, between people, to protest against Senate reform proposed by the Government. This is the decision taken by the joint meeting of groups and Senate cinquestelle summoned by Beppe Grillo. The proposal, advanced by the same pentastellato leader, was welcomed by the Assembly but took time to establish the mode of protest. The initiative could be named in Parliament Square. There are those who imagine even continue for a week and who would, however, limit it to a one-day event. Are decisions that will be taken in the next few days, maybe tomorrow, a new Joint Assembly of cinquestelle. Continue the frontal attack at Radio and Executive of quota reform and shortened. Skip the meeting Berlusconi in Renzi and is skipped the meeting announced Tuesday morning the meeting between Matteo Renzi and Silvio Berlusconi to take stock ahead of tour de force on voting for Senate reform. In the middle of the interview, so far delayed any changes to shared Italicum, which will be discussed after the adoption at first reading of the constitutional reforms. The lump sum is not due to political problems between the Knight and the President of the Council. To cause the postponement of the meeting, explain Blues environments, is a physical ailment that the ‘ forced ‘ to stay at home to Milan. This week won’t see anyone on the public-political front. Always voltage High-Strength Italy didn’t like premier Renzi’s initiative to send a letter to Senators of the majority, especially before addressing the issues raised and the hypothesized openings with blue ally. But even the opposition the situation appears tense, with a series of internal meetings in PI among the non-aligned movement, while from Sel and is evident irritation for not having received any engagement on the part of the Executive branch or the Pd during last weekend. You are made to feel nobody observes the parent company, Loredana De Petris, confirming the hard-line on non withdrawal of the amendments. Equally tough League position: Renzi may not have a great trust in his Senators if it boils down to a public missive mandar in the attempt, another doomed to failure to tighten the ranks. A letter that is not and will not enchant anyone: empty words that bring together reforms, Ukraine, Palestine and the big changes. Jobs slip-constitutional reforms will be only Senate Chamber Tuesday morning. This was decided the Conference of group chairmen of the Senate at the request of M5S and co-author Roberto Calderoli. While you finish the examination of dl culture on which the Government has put confidence. The leader of the Democratic Party, Luigi Zanda, was opposed to returning to constitutional reforms but Tommorrow is not imposed in the Conference of group chairmen so as not to exacerbate the souls of oppositions that had made the request because this would require a new vote in the House on your calendar. Changes to Italicum, only if Fi likes-the meeting between Renzi and Berlusconi will clarify that any changes must necessarily be the Italicum shared by Fi and Pd. The stated Paolo Romani in the Senate by stressing his appreciation for this clarification made by the Democratic Party after the letter of Renzi to Senators who had raised a minimum of alarm, but I believe that the Government will reach a more official response. The Romans added: we don’t have a dispute with Renzi on reforms that the Democratic Party has problems with his minority and to us electoral law we like as it is, therefore, reiterate any possible changes will be shared with Fi and talk in September. . For extra about this subject visit

The checks will intensify on the Spanish fisheries.

July 28th, 2014

The national federation of the fruit producers (FNPF), that of the ‘France vegetables’, the main agricultural Union the FNSEA and young farmers (JA) denounced practices of dumping on the part of the Spaniards, while crops are everywhere abundant and flooding the market prices. Stéphane Le Foll promised that "the campaign to monitor the respect of the rules for the marketing of fruit and vegetables would continue"in the coming weeks"and that"the offences will be penalized. For Luc Barbier, president of the FNPF, war of the peaches and nectarines that raged after the strawberries in the spring, between Spanish and french producers never reached "such a level", explained to AFP, suspecting neighboring Spanish of ‘ commercial to kill the french market and remain the only suppliers dumping. "The rating on the large Spanish market is double the price of sales in France: in Spain, there is an average 1.10 euro per kilo price and here it happens to 57 cents", he assures. Mr. Barbier also suspected prohibited practices of ‘customer price’ which is to set the prices paid by importers on the basis of the selling price on the market. To counter this competition, he claimed ‘the strengthening of controls at borders and in markets of national interest, type Rungis or Saint-Charles in Perpignan’, the first of the fishing and nectarine, wholesale market to verify purchase orders of fruit that must specify the origin, quality and price. "During the checks we have carried out these last fifteen days, two trucks on three did not meet rules", he says again. If war is declared is, according to him, that it is the survival of the sector: the french orchard in peaches and nectarines is 10. 000 ha compared with 20. 000 ha in 2004. The French production of 400. 000 tonnes, which had all or almost of consumption (450 000 t) has fallen to 190. 000 t. "In ten years, we have lost 50% of the production and if it continues like this, it will not ten years to lose the remaining 50%", warns. For Xavier Beulin, president of the FNSEA, fishing this summer is that the one-time symbol of discomfort more wide which also affects tomatoes, melon or cucumber and which had begun with the strawberries in the spring, sold in supermarkets 79 cents the tray. "The substantive subject is a cost differential with Spain which does not allow us to be competitive," he said. But he also called the great distribution to its commitments following the meeting mid-July to the Ministry of the economy, and "make an effort of recovery of France origin, without always encourage consumers to go to the lowest price. . Original source could be found reading this

Diplo: “I me plug that fans appreciate my music.

July 28th, 2014

I didn’t do anything else. I loved the music and I wanted to. I asked for the turntables to my parents, but they said no, they did not even know what it was. I was obsessed with the scratching because I could use a guitar sound, scratch it and get even more crazy than a true guitarist sounds. I saved and I bought turntables. And fourteen years later, it’s still my job. Non. I learned the piano, but I’ve never been good. When I was a kid, DJing had much influence in Florida. I went to Miami bass freestyle, I lived for it. And then I started to collect discs and learn from the vinyl that I purchased, the sound of the producers that I loved and artists that I liked. It was surely an album by KRS – One. I don’t remember the title. But the first piece, I think it was When I Hear Musicby Debbie Deb, and it is still one of my favorites. I love everything she has done. This is the case of many artists. Serge Gainsbourg made reggae, rock passing through disco, and it is regarded simply as a type that had ideas. Herbie Hancock began with jazz, and then is passed to the merger, to rock, to bebop and finally to rap. David Bowie is the best example: he made Funk, glam, folk and rap. He can do whatever he wants.  But today, it is easier for an artist to confine itself to a single style. I would that Lorde participates in the next album of Major Lazer, negotiated a remix. It’s as simple as that.  We are friends and we share the same Distributor. We meet often. It’s really crazy that she managed to write such songs at only 17 years old, without being afraid to share. Teenager, I had the same kind of things in mind. This state of mind lack me, this freedom,. Without hesitation, Bruno March. This is the person the funniest and the most impressive that we can have in the studio. It should be an actor, it is so funny. It made me laugh to give me cramps. He never stops making jokes, his songs are funny and it works very quickly. No, not at all. These people are all a bit the same. I can work one day with Madonna, then a rather underground guy, then go to the Brazil and work with a kid that I met, and follow up with Snoop Dog,. It has no significance. That’s why I love my job: no day looks. . Root facts may be studied clicking the following web site.

The beats are harder: Bose irks Apple.

July 28th, 2014

The multibillion-dollar acquisition of the headphone manufacturer beats Apple a competitor puts obstacles in the way. Bose accuses beats patent infringement and filed charges before a U.S. Court, as well as the Trade Commission ITC. The decision involves five patents for the technology to the active suppression of ambient noise that is used in beats headphones. Bose in the lawsuits said the company did research for over 30 years on the active noise-cancelling technology and accumulated many patents for this. Alone in current Bose headphones the technology with 14 rights and 13 other applications is protected. The actions according to founder Amar Bose the idea for an active suppression of ambient noise came during a flight from Zurich to Boston in 1978. He was so unhappy that penetrated the aircraft noise in the headphones and made himself still in the air a concept, for the neutralization of ambient noise. Since then, the company was working on the technology. First prototypes were developed in the 1980s for American military pilots, the first consumer model followed in 2000. Amar Bose died in July of last year at the age of 83. . Extended information can be inspected visiting info.

Sicily, stop of Forconiagli vegetables from abroad.

July 28th, 2014

We are destroying the economy, he added,. We’re exacerbating if we should continue so we are ready in the winter to do what we are doing this morning. The Government must work hard to implement as soon as possible the safeguard rules. It is the continuation of a protest made in civil, democratic way and licensed. Even the President of the Sicilian region said a few days ago in Brussels that agriculture is kneeling, pointed iron. Friday afternoon for the same reason the veneti were tractors along with mayors veneti were in piazza Bra in front of the arena di Verona for the same reason, it is not a matter of Sicilian and Italian is a question, noted the leaders of Pitchforks, who added: for years say that if it continues like this we will be swamped by products that arrive from abroad. You’re destroying an industry that won’t do anymore. Just to win, for example, there are nearly 5,000 real estate executions. It means that there is a city on the pavement as not only Victory but much of Sicilian land think you should take measures as soon as possible. It’s almost a formal notice to the Government or moves or we move we concluded iron. Protest pitchforks, participating mayors-The piers of the Strait of Messina along with Pitchforks protesting against the arrival of fruit & vegetables from abroad there is also the Mayor of Vittoria (Ragusa) Giuseppe Nicosia-a democratic battle-says-not the road block that created real difficulties to our economy. It aims to put the problems in Rome. According to the Mayor, the situation has become really unbearable for the economy and not just for the greenhouse cultivation which represent but also to southern agriculture. The South and destroyed agricultural level destroyed by the absence for more than 30 years 25-regulations in support of agriculture, from euro Moroccan agreement and other agreements which Europe has undertaken, by the absence of safeguard measures by the national Government while other European countries have adopted safeguard measures in respect of their agriculture. The protest was attended by the mayors of the municipalities ragusani of Acate, Chiaramonte Gulfi and Pozzallo, and NYSSA of Niscemi.   . You can read the following to discover extra regarding this great matter.

Craft: construction workers discover mass grave in the Andes.

July 28th, 2014

The radioactive carbon isotope C-14 is constantly produced by cosmic rays in the atmosphere and come in the form of carbon dioxide (CO2) in the biosphere. Plants that absorb CO2, are eaten by animals and humans. They contain a low activity everywhere and is the same over long periods of time. A creature dies it takes C 14 and the activity subsides in 5730 years of half of. The older a Fund, the lower its activity. You can therefore date back years up to the age of approximately 50 000. It is based on a reparative through the almost ubiquitous radioactive elements uranium, thorium and potassium. The half-lives of the radionuclides of these elements are so long, that we can assume a constant level of radioactivity. It used mostly quartz and the feldspars, which are always present in ceramic and sediments as sensors for the radiation damage. These minerals emit light when they are heated (thermoluminescence) or be illuminated (optically stimulated luminescence). The older the ceramics, the stronger the light. The age of an object on the basis of the soil is determined by the stratigraphy, in which he was found. The layers (Latin Straten) resulting from natural deposits and human activities. The stratigraphy can be combined so well with the other methods. For example, a piece of wood with the C-14 method precisely dated, you know also the age of a piece of the Fund, which was directly connected in the same soil. . For more data regarding this topic visit

Today in the Feuilletons: Serge Gainsbourg, Vader Abraham and scooter.

July 28th, 2014

Hans-Joachim Müller travels the world to various photography exhibitions – Stan Douglas. Mise en scène in the Münchner Haus der Kunst, (MIS) understanding photography at the Essen Museum Folkwang, Gebanntes light in the Staatsgalerie Stuttgart, photographs at the Frankfurt Städel Museum and Punctum at the Salzburger Kunstverein – and learn in digital image editing application, which allow each, an image so crudely, nothing of their nobility can take the artistic photography: in contrast, the photo art marks a proud insistence on the image as a subject and body, entitled to the rank space on the Museum wall rises with power. And if it had been mainly aesthetic expertise in the pioneering years of the medium, rose above the Durchschnittsknipser the classics of photography, then there is the Museum adapted between of these works today, then there are space-filling installations, as it puts together Wolfgang Tillmans, which are deposited by the swarm reality of volatile images. In the Martin-Gropius-Bau in Berlin, a considerable aesthetic Dynamics formed with two current exhibitions, says Jens Hinrichsen in Der Tagesspiegel: David Bowie to Walker Evans. Glam Rock against simple size. A lavish multimedia spectacle there, black and white prints on white walls here: The contrast program in the Gropius Bau looks currently. Discussed the volume edited by Boris Friedewald is champions of light – great photographers from two centuries (SZ). In the blog, letter celebrating Leopold Federmair in an essay the beauty of Japanese women’s light skin: I have the beauty of the color white to understand started here. The adventure of this color, which makes clear the notion of perfection, but is also susceptible to shadow. Shades, projections, my own shadow. The shadow of my right hand. No hair (or only extremely fine, seen from close hardly), no grooves, no resistance. Only the surfaces and hollows, the subtle curves. Of pure form, but surface becomes the skin, the skin makes you forget that she’s holding something. Also: Think Kurt Drawert about the meaning of diaries in the age of total visibility in the NZZ. Tobias Lehmkuhl of the SZ embarks with Arno Schmidt’s seascape with Pocahontas in the luggage on the lower Saxon dumber literary search for clues. Discussed Ulrich of Ladurner Lampedusa (FR) among others, Dieter Wellershoffs audiobook at the end come (FAZ) and Christoph Poschenrieders the grain of sand (SZ), more in our book show at 14: 00. While certainly very solid Thomas Ewald in the Jungle World is universally acclaimed debut album, FKA twigs (more), he yet understand can the enthusiasms of their colleagues but not quite at the end. On the one hand, it lacks in the album on the soul, on the other hand, he sees in it a symptom of pop criticism: perhaps it is because that the presence of music criticism has succumbed to the superlative. After the words ‘mega’, ‘ultra’ and ‘over’ in the nineties were used so often that they will eke out their existence at retro parties for all eternity as words, increases are hardly possible,, There is no scale and no measure of more, but only two points on the coordinate system in the assessment. Thomas Winkler is not sure whether to get Liechtenstein and his new album to cover Bad Gastein, like what has happened in the Sueddeutsche Zeitung, as Grand Master of irony really Friedrich in the taz: merge in him the art, life and the advertising message like in hardly another figure previously. Because let’s be honest: While Liechtenstein demonstrated on ‘ Bad Gastein ‘ again, how confidently he can think Serge Gainsbourg, Vader Abraham and scooter together,, On the other hand, and first and foremost but ‘ Bad Gastein ‘ is of course a further lesson, Liechtenstein all boundaries between art and commerce can be. Another point of criticism is there in the Berliner Zeitung. Also: In the Jungle World, Maurice reported totals from the North Sea Festival in Rotterdam, where occurred including Pharrell Williams, Stevie Wonder, and Neneh Cherry. In the comment columns of the Facebook profiles of numerous German rapper raging anti-Semitism sometimes bare, Ralf Fischer in the Jungle World reported. The time Verve of records brings great pictures from a photo book on the history of the jazz label. Discussed are the appearance of pianist Igor Levit at the Rheingau Music Festival (in the FR Tim Gorbauch applauds the consistently great game) and a concert by Snoop Dogg in Berlin (daily mirror). Cornelius Wüllenkemper reported for the Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung of the Rwanda Film Festival, where the local film scene in spite of great difficulties dealing with the national trauma of genocide 20 years ago: the Rwanda Film Festival continues on the cautious engagement with the past, not only in the capital, but also in the provinces, where many people without electricity or running water in modest conditions. The Festival team in Rwamagana, a town about away one hour drive from Kigali as a ten-metre inflatable cinema screen installed at the local soccer field, the crowd is great. Long after sunset the audience track through stories about the typical Rwandan family life or romances about believed dead fighters of the civil war, who return to their home village banned. Also: Cigdem tamani introduces a Turkish soap opera about an Ottoman Tatars and a Russian noblewoman in the world, which as street sweeper was planned, but – the Crimea is Turkish and will remain Turkish – not lured out the Turks despite the current Crimean reference behind the grill. Jürgen Schmieder reports in the Sueddeutsche Zeitung of the comic-con presentation of series game of thrones, the mooring to the relief of fans announce, without literary templates material penned by George R. R. Martin via eigenständigee enough ideas for more seasons to have: ‘ the show is the show, and the book is the book, Martin said succinctly. Discussed the animated films is easy train your Dragon 2 (daily mirror). So please, this Tannhauser by Sebastian Baumgarten definitely has his moments, Mirko Weber (Berliner Zeitung), who found the attitude of the Bayreuth audience plenty cramped finds: decisive final Boo again and on almost every seat the same body language: folding arms, stubborn views. Don’t touch me, baby! Also Manuel Brug (World) recommends relaxation: and if not more just trying to decipher Joep van Lieshout stupid biogas plant as closed, sectarian separated people breeding system, and nothing further observed also the silly Amoeba videos, then one could experience a passage-way captivating person directed and as always terrific sound kathedralenhaft precision modeling is Festival Choir under Eberhard Friedrich. Not a single good hair can be Christian wildlife ha (FAZ) on the performance: the Festival Orchestra and conductor Axel Kober music as low-risk and nonentity, as it is important to keep the audience aufgescheuchte before any further excitement. In the ‘Tannhäuser’, Wagner’s anarchic unvergorener desire punch from all life issues, must existentially shake, move, shake. Very basic thoughts on what still remains in times of the Internet stream of the aura of Bayreuth or Salzburg also, Reinhard is J. Brembeck in Sueddeutsche Zeitung. He is sure: only here, in the province, you can worry actually full, what the art an at all means: for the art lover not on the digital blessings of the Internet can be trusted. He must take the journey in province of nests in the flesh and to the best vacation time, he must spend hours sweating for money at temperatures in crowded halls, he must worry about this singer miscast and that Director idea. Then to get into the open, with a bordering on silence ‘wonderful!’ on the lips. Other articles: Joseph Hanimann (SZ) draws a primarily positive balance after the first festival year by Olivier Py in Avignon: the Festival got new momentum. The drama program of the Salzburg Festival this year, deals mainly with the first world war, Egbert Tholl in Sueddeutsche Zeitung writes: cripple, madness, injured, disturbed, wounded. The rigor of the program comes at a price, which is dwindling entertainment aspect, thank God. Post-mortems of the tenor Carlo Bergonzi to write Thomas Baltensweiler in NZZ, Jürgen Kesting in the Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung and Reinhard J. Brembeck in Sueddeutsche Zeitung. Discussed will be the bright madness at the Berlin winter garden (daily mirror), Marc André Dalbavies Opera in Salzburg about Charlotte Salomon (SZ) and an evening with Russian Bill in the Chamber Opera the show Schloss Rheinsberg (daily mirror). In the NZZ, Marc Zitzmann recognizes a new kind of anti-Semitism which is fed from old resentments, nor of new discrimination in the anti-Israeli outbursts in the French suburbs: principal Director of the remake of this classic horror film, based on the ‘protocols of the elders of Zion’, in this country is the ‘comedian’ Dieudonné. This rabble-rouser via Facebook, YouTube and Twitter sold hundreds of thousands of mainly young people, who have often never really taken root in society, a mix of anti-Zionism, revisionism, conspiracy theories and a sense of humor, which is pathetic. Joachim Güntner also overlooks the antisemtiischen subject in the protests in Germany. In the Berlin newspaper the Berliner Yasmin Kassar describes how the Arab young people in Germany know about the Middle East conflict little: as the history of the Middle East conflict usually plays no role in the classroom. The Holocaust is taken there, but most students do not learn what happened afterwards. With the innocence of the Hamas rockets, is such a thing, writes Eric readers in slate. FR: the thousands of missiles and rockets aimed at Israeli cities have only one goal: you want to trigger a response. Their military and strategic benefits are equal to zero. Even Mahmud Abbas, head of the Palestinian Authority, has wondered: ‘What is it with your missiles?’ Hamas wants to prove to the ‘inhumanity’ the Israelis. Jonathan Freedland be hidden in the NYRBlog the trials and tribulations of left Zionists, who long could retire on the hope of the two-State solution. But the failure of Oslo, Camp David’s failure, that results in failure by John Kerrys tireless efforts for nine months an uncomfortable thought: What if the two-State solution not because of lack of effort fails, but because the plan cannot work? What is, if the two-State solution is impossible? In the Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung, Alaxandra Belopolsky shouts of fear, to commit themselves (in Israel) as a linker or left. (Via Netzwertig) Spain tightened the copyright laws. In a new law on intellectual property (LPI Ley de Propriedad Intelectual) smallest text snippets, but also hyper links future taxable, Heise reported. de. The law aims at enhancing copyright protection for photographers and journalists, should meet but above all the interests of publishers. Information brokers, for example search engine providers, should pay damages according to the law. Even universities should pay a flat fee of $5 per student, even if the common content is available under Creative Commons license. Elisabeth Pohl reported at the same time in network policy, that a Colombian student threaten several years prison because he made a scientific article on scribd accessible. In the FR, Arno Widmann converses with the historians Jürgen Osterhammel, about the beginning of the first world war. Easter lamb also told how the colonies and dominions of the European powers in the war were involved: the use of force by Canada, Australia, New Zealand and South Africa had to be negotiated much more political. This was not simply to Decree in London. But even in India, which was fighting soldiers about 800 000, not a simple decree was enough. After Great Britain almost ever India had lost after the great uprising of 1857, you knew better than himself, to intervene too much in Indian society,.   In New Zealand and Australia, the memory of the first world war, by the way is still important. New Zealand had sent at least one-tenth of its population on the battlefields. Today, the Feuilleton of the taz is Gabriele Goettle. You portrayed the sociologists Jörg Becker, which tells much about the manipulation of the media by American PR agencies. His memory of the assassination of Solingen, in which five people were killed is interesting: perpetrators were allegedly four young neo-Nazis who have been tempted and that were sentenced to prison terms. Now they are, I think, again free and live somewhere in other cities. The left-wing opposition here has never believed this seduction theory in Solingen, Germany. Never, never, never! One of the reasons was the four young people were at that time in a combat sport school, and the Director of this school was an informant of the protection of the Constitution ‘by chance’. This man got no approval of statement in the process. He disappeared from Solingen. In the Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung, Jürgen Kaube informed: problem is the main principle of the defenders of Annette Schavan. Under the heading of self-made would-be rebel (impossed is missing, then the open upwards nose fuselage scale of this newspaper would be maxed out) Hannah Lühmann wonders whether Tim Renner’s fondness for all digital is really good as Berlin cultural policy programme. In conversation with Oliver that knocks Gupta in the Sueddeutsche Zeitung the german British historian Annika Maitland a for all time: Germany and Austria are mainly responsible for the first world war. And in his blog Stefan Niggemeier amazed not bad that BamS Vice Nikolaus Fest quasi public was warned off for his anti-Islamic rant by his boss Kai Dieckmann. . For extended information on this subject check

Floating holiday houses in Berlin – anchor and enjoy the yacht-luxury.

July 28th, 2014

You’ll pay one euro per meter length generally for a nighttime berth if the port belongs to an association or privately operated. Fresh water and electricity to recharge the battery cost a few euros extra. Advice and assistance in all aspects of nautical there is abundant and free: most boat owners live in Berlin and know the area like the back of her own hand. New-comers will be treated kindly. Here and there even a little recognition: "And the MOM controls boat janz allene det?" The low depth of the Lakes brings a comfortable bath temperature with it. Middle of June Werlsee, Dämeritzsee, Dammsmühle and Kross in Lake with 20 ° c warm water are quite humane. Small boat sailors "Campsite Kross INSEE" find a beach buried on and a beautiful forest playground. Anchors and anchor lights is straightforward, the sandy bottom of the Brandenburg Lakes makes catching almost impossible. "Parking" in open water with a luxurious yacht feeling is rewarded: forest, water, Sun and seclusion are available and these boxes beading iced drinks, shaded beds and favourite music who hide out. There are of course bad weather days in Berlin. An uncomfortable passage on the agitated Dammsmühle foreshadows that the traffic ban from wind speed four is no harassment: the high design makes "Nautino" very susceptible to wind. Although it is thanks to closed glass cabin in the drying. Under a grey sky, the drive still only half as much fun. Country courses are offered by public transport from Berlin. From the "water sports club Weidenau" for example, there are only a few hundred meters to the nearest S-Bahn. Königs Wusterhausen, where an old Hohenzollern Castle and a painting of the "tobacco quorum" of the soldier King to visit are located two stations. A ride through the monotonous oder-spree Canal is little rewarding. Unless one has no other choice or want to shorten a route in this way. Although, the numerous – usually polnischen-inland – friendly wave to the hobby captains. Such a pleasure but not in the weight falls when compared to the variety of the area. Rather look back on the way to the Dahme after the Olympia rowing course, which was built in the 1930s for Hitler’s Olympics. So close to never coming back the impressive grounds as non-Olympian. . Extended information can be read checking

July 27th, 2014

Winning Sprint by Marcel Kittel, the tedescone volante, who with this sprint is poker. Everything like last year, the arrival in Paris, except for one detail: that yellow Jersey there is Vincenzo Nibali. Who cries, laughs, it makes extensive among photographers and reporters, she kisses the little Emma, his wife, Rachel, and her parents, Joan and Salvatore, arrived from Messina to embrace that triggered the urchins that child wasn’t ever still. It ran like here to Tour where to stop it it takes the end of the race, a definitive milestone: otherwise Vincent begins to run from the first leg in London. «Do not understand anything, I’m excited, but also bewildered. Too many things together. An emotion so strong I think not having ever tried in my entire life ,. is unique, "said Nibali at the microphone during the awards ceremony at the Arc de Triomphe that rises in the background. "This success I built from this winter. A success thanks to the work of the whole team, and thanks to my family ,. ». While Vincent tells his extraordinary feat, let us return for a moment to the final sprint on the Champs-Elysees. Marcel Kittel, beating Norwegian comeback Kristoff, is repeated by winning the final stage. There was also successful in 2013. And like last year Kittel begins winning (in London) and reclaimed in Paris ends. In total is the first sprint in 4. He’s the King of the sprints. Here we are, then, in front of the Arc de Triomphe, while echoes the inno di Mameli. Les italiens, in this strange swollen summer rain and dry sports scores, the yellow jersey from Vincenzo Nibali is a absolute revenge. A success that enlarges the heart and pride for us something nice, and that rarely happens. Nibali is the seventh Italian to win the Tour, 16 years after the last victory of Marco Pantani. And the first one was by Felice Gimondi in 1965. Who would have bet a month ago on this guy’s victory of Messina that the great majority of Italians even knew who he was? Let’s face it: none. Not so amazing. That is, with four stage wins, and with about eight minutes in the second and the third (the French Peraud and Pinot) and keeping the yellow jersey for 19 days. Are things which we are more accustomed. For one thing, excluding Armstrong for known reasons, was since 1974 that the yellow Jersey there was 4 stage wins. And the yellow Jersey was a certain Eddy Merckx, i.e. a monster which has been dubbed ‘ Cannibal ‘ and assonance refer to Nibali, who in Paris is celebrated as absolute ruler Grande Boucle. . You can check the following to discover more regarding this interesting matter.

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